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  • Ivan Latysh

    Ivan Latysh - 2009-01-21

    Hello Michael!

    I would really appreciate if you can have a look at this Saxon extension. It is a simple emitter that produce an Email message from a transformation.

    I am looking for a validation of an idea. For instance you may say that it is a bad idea and you better to look at ..... or it does has some merit in it.

    P.S. Appreciate your time.

    • Ivan Latysh

      Ivan Latysh - 2009-01-30

      Thank you for your time and a feedback.

      I am not looking for it to be bundled with Saxon, it will do fine as an extension. This why I released JcrDocumentWraper and EmailEmitter together, since both are extensions.

      Source code is available on code tab, here is the direct link:
      Documentation is coming.

      I will change package names, and namespaces, as you asked.

      P.S. Would be nice to write a small article on doing the mail merge with Stylus Studio, what d.u. think ?

    • Michael Kay

      Michael Kay - 2009-01-30

      Seems a useful extension, and the design looks perfectly sound.

      I'm not going to bundle it with the Saxon product for maintainability reasons - it's another thing to test, the testing isn't trivial, and as far as I can see you haven't supplied a test suite. I'd prefer such things to be available as third-party plug-ins maintained by their contributors. That also means you get to choose your own license conditions and you don't have to sign any IP release paperwork.

      I couldn't actually find the source code of the Emitter (or much in the way of documentation)

      I would ask you not to use "" or "net.sf.saxon" in your package name or namespace - it creates confusion about who the originator is, and I don't want people thinking that it's a supported part of the product.

      Do feel free to document it in the Saxon wiki on Sourceforge, however.

      Michael Kay


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