Possible gains using Javolution

  • Roger Araújo

    Roger Araújo - 2010-06-09


    I profiled an app of mine which uses Saxon to parse a significant amount of
    XML data, and I've noticed Saxon was using many Lists and Maps. The default
    List and Map implementations by Sun/Oracle are not as performant as those
    offered by the Javolution library, so I thought maybe Saxon could harvest some
    performance / memory consumption gains by using Javolution:




  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2010-06-09

    Thanks for the suggestion. Before doing any work in this area, I would want
    evidence that there is a significant opportunity for visible improvements to
    user workloads. Intrinsically, it seems likely to me that Saxon is spending at
    most 5% of its time in these classes, and that a 10% faster implementation of
    the classes will therefore give a bottom line improvement of 0.5% at best. No-
    one will notice that; it's therefore not worth the implementation effort and
    the risk of introducing bugs. That's my starting position - feel free to try
    and persuade me otherwise.

    It's worth noting that Saxon already avoids using the standard Collection
    classes on many paths where performance is known to be critical.

  • Roger Araújo

    Roger Araújo - 2010-06-10

    Hmm, I had no idea the situation was so. I was recently involved in a project
    where overall performance benefited from using Javolution (since the
    collections we processed were so large), so I thought maybe Saxon could
    benefit as well. After your analysis, however, I agree that the speed gains
    would be indeed negligible, but I believe that perhaps memory consumption
    could be reduced by a more interesting margin. However, lacking proper testing
    and solid numbers, it really doesn't seem worth the effort. Thanks for your


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