#312 XSLT command line - source directory containing single file


When a directory contains just one file,
it is not processed. An error message is returned
"Output is a directory, but input is not"
which simply is not true.

I have studied the source code of net.sf.saxon.
Transform and there is a problem on this line:

wholeDirectory = sources.size() > 1;

This is a mistake. You should better checking
the existence of directory (as you do with the
output directory) using File.isDirectory() method.


  • Marian FILLO

    Marian FILLO - 2005-02-15

    Logged In: YES

    The bug is still in CVS

  • Michael Kay

    Michael Kay - 2005-02-15

    Logged In: YES

    Firstly, I do ask people not to raise bug reports in this
    section of the site. This is to avoid clutter - it's easy to
    end up with spurious problems, duplicates, or misdescribed
    problems which make it much harder for users to search the
    register. Please use the saxon-help list or forum instead.

    In this case you've identified a genuine bug, one that
    appears to have been in the product for some time (in fact,
    since code was commoned up between the XSLT and XQuery
    interfaces). I have fixed the source and am currently
    testing the fix.

  • Marian FILLO

    Marian FILLO - 2005-02-15

    Logged In: YES

    OK, Michael, but you've written "The Saxon bug register is
    used only for problems that have been acknowledged as bugs:
    it isn't intended for users to raise suspected bugs."

    This was not a suspected bug. It was definitely and for sure a
    bug. And I have not only reported the bug, I have also found
    the place in source code, which is "problematic" (simply wrong)
    , for you. So you didn't have to spend more than few minutes
    to fix the code. I could do it myself, but I am not a Saxon
    developer. If you want, I offer you my helping hand.

    And to the end - I want to thank you for your excellent work
    (well, there is nobody who does no mistake, except of God
    Almighty, of course). I am a chief developer and analyst of
    another SourceForge.net project - Java Web Application
    Framework ( http://webappframework.sourceforge.net ), and it
    relies on Saxon. Well, we can use Xalan instead, but Saxon
    proved to be much better and feature-full than Xalan and (last
    but not least) with fewer bugs. In fact, this is the first bug in
    Saxon that I have discovered. In Xalan, there were plenty of
    them. It was almost unusable because of bugs (well, it could
    be better now, but I stopped using Xalan two years ago).

    So, sorry for breaking the rule - I have understood it in
    another way. I have made the best effort to help you fix this
    bug ASAP.

    To my project: it is in still planning state, but we have already
    released (as a side effect) a tool for improving Java source
    code readability. Hope you'll like it.

    Marian Fillo

    P.S.: Thank you for your fix. Hope you release new version


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