Hi All,
This is my very first email here and first step towards SAX.
I have made an XML file, I need to get Elements Attributes Value. I' have been looking and I got getAttributeValue (int index) but I'm confused on int value as parameter.
Could any 1 please show me  coding example of getting attribute value!!!
Below is my XML file:

  <HSP name="HSP1" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider1" />
  <HSP name="HSP2" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider2" />
  <HSP name="HSP3" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider3" />
  <HSP name="HSP4" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider4" />
  <HSP name="HSP5" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider5" />
  <HSP name="HSP6" URL="http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/HealthcareServiceProvider6" />
  <HSU name="" URL="localhost"/>


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