Hi all,

i am now writing my master thesis and have a question about SAX:

I am trying to find the group information (sequence, choice and all) by SAX-Parsing, which has been defined in the XML Schema.

Is there a standard solution for this problem? Actually the validator of the SAX Parser does have the same problem. By validating of a XML document relating to his schema the sax-based validator must also find the group information. How does it work?

I researched seveval literatures, but didn't find any solutions. They just say, that the SAX Parser has also the possibility to validate a doument and how i can start the validater and how can i handle the validating errors. The internal functionality of the validater is unknown.

I don't want to validate the whole document, but just to find the group information. So i want to know, if there has been already a solution for it? If yes, can anyone tell me, how it works or give me some sources to research?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards!