#28 urn support


I'm working in the document management domain
and I'm dealing with long term (20 years) archiving
in specific.

When it comes to XML documents I do have the
problem of specifying references, which endure the
mentioned lifespan. References might point to
other documents or specifications like XML
schemas. An entire logical name like an URN would
be doing the job. It would be very helpful, if a link
resolver could be specified for the XML SAX parser.

Whenever it has to resolve such a URI, the resolver
would be called, which returns the referenced
stream. The resolver could be protocol specific, so
that if an URN: is encountered, the according
preconfigured resolver would be mobilised.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-05-29

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    The existing entity resolver code (including the
    newish EntityResolver2, around for a couple years
    now) should handle this already.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-05-29
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-05-29
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-05-29

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    The EntityResolver2 interface should have been
    handling this for you just fine.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I share the opinion of the requestor of 496133. I think ower
    requirements are quite similar and cannot be handled the way
    it was proposed. In addition, one needs to use a validating
    parser in order to get that reference resolved. With a
    configurable link resolver, this dependency would not exist.


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