yangj - 2008-06-14

I have SAproxy installed on my Windows XP Media Center machine as POP proxy and it regularly crashes, more than once per day. The same problem was present on a previous version (forgot the version #). I couldn't figure out what is wrong by just looking at the log file .spamassassin\pop3proxy.log. Is there another log file I can look at and see what is going on? Or does anyone have similar experience and can suggest a work around?

One suspicion I have is with the firewall I'm using (eEye Blink Professional) and wondering if the firewall is shutting SAproxy down. I saw regular firewall log entries like the following:

6/13/2008 8:40:12 PM,BLINK-BAM-18014,DNS,Invalid DNS type,The type of a DNS record is not comply to RFC standard,Blink,3.5.7,9,,DNS Type=99;Process Path=C:\Program Files\SAwin32\saproxy.exe;Attacker IP=;Action=Dropped;Victim IP=;Alert=Yes;Protocol=UDP;Attacker Port=18649;Victim Port=53;

Anyone has suggestions on how to debug this problem?

Thanks very much