v3.2.3.3 released

  • Eugene Pivovarov

    The stable build v3.2.3.3 has been finally released. I just would like to thank everyone who has recently participated in this forum and who has sent me feedback regarding the v3.2.2- betas. It would have been really hard for me to find all these bugs alone.


    • Aaron Barker

      Aaron Barker - 2007-09-24

      Thanks for all the work. 

      I have been running all weekend w/o any issues thus far.

      Aaron Barker

      • Dave Arrowsmith

        Dave Arrowsmith - 2007-09-24

        Only issue for me was after the upgrade from 3.1.7 spamd caused an error log entry

        Mon Sep 24 21:11:31 2007 [1140] warn: dcc: check failed: failed to read header

        Which I found out was caused by the...
        C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\.spamassassin
        folder having the older different version of the DCC "map" file persisting in this location. It required manual deletion. A restart of the service the recreated/copied it with the correct one...

        So it was a permission issue with the service...

        Thanks Eugene


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