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I. Full Installation

  To compile savonet you will need the development files of the following
  libraries: libmad, libshout, libvorbis.
  Optionally, you will also need: wget and libid3tag.
  On Debian systems, these dependencies can be installed by running (as root):

   # aptitude install ocaml-findlib libcamomile-ocaml-dev
   # aptitude install libmad0-dev libshout3-dev libvorbis-dev libid3tag0-dev
   # aptitude install libasound2-dev autoconf automake

  First of all, you should edit PACKAGES to select the packages that you want.

   *BSD users, as well as OSX users might need to export some variables 
   that can be missing during the process:
     $ export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include
     $ export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib
     $ export OCAMLMKLIB_FLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib
   Also, savonet needs GNU make. If you have a GNU make, this is normally
   Detected during configuration. If this chec fails you can set the MAKE variable:
     $ export MAKE=`your make command`
   The following assumes your MAKE command is make. Change to yours if different..

    $ ./bootstrap
    $ ./configure
    $ make

  Then to install programs run (as root):

    # make install

II. Specific Installation

  To install a specific part of savonet. Go into the associated directory
  and do the same sequence of instruction. The order used to build the
  packages should respect the dependencies beetwen them.