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 examples 2009-12-04 metamorph68@aec24677-d710-0410-a355-ac75e2bdf181 metamorph68@aec24677-d710-0410-a355-ac75e2bdf181 [e9e7dc] Avoid infinite loops in theora and schro examples
 src 2011-06-13 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [205b77] Merged seek branch!
 CHANGES 2011-07-04 David Baelde David Baelde [93fbe8] Releasing flac, schroedinger, speex, theora and...
 COPYING 2011-05-23 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [0c4ed9] Fix ocaml-schroedinger license.. 2011-04-06 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [5f390d] * Documented win32 port
 README 2009-03-12 metamorph68@aec24677-d710-0410-a355-ac75e2bdf181 metamorph68@aec24677-d710-0410-a355-ac75e2bdf181 [8c54ad] Initial ocaml-schroedinger binding.. Not functi...
 bootstrap 2011-04-06 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [5f390d] * Documented win32 port 2011-04-06 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [56c9c9] I forgot this..
 m4 2011-04-06 Romain Beauxis Romain Beauxis [5f390d] * Documented win32 port

Read Me


This package contains an O'Caml interface for 
library for encoding/decoding of Dirac video streams
otherwise known as schroedinger.

Please read the COPYING file before using this software.


- ocaml >= 3.0.6 (haven't tried earlier versions)

- schroedinger >= 1.0.5 (haven't tried earlier versions)

- findlib >= 0.8.1 (haven't tried earlier versions)


	$ make all

This should build both the native and the byte-code version of the
extension library.


	$ make install

This should install the library file (using ocamlfind) in the
appropriate place.


This author of this software may be contacted by electronic mail
at the following address:

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