Liquidsoap realeased

Liquidsoap has just been released, fixing several important issues in smart_crossfade.

We recommend that any user using this function with liquidsoap 0.3.8 update its installation.

In the meantime, since the changes only involve the default library used by liquidsoap, namely utils.liq, it is possible to update any existing 0.3.8 liquidsoap without the need to recompile or reinstall.

You can find a copy of the fixed utils.liq script in the download section on sourceforce [1]. You can then replace your old utils.liq from 0.3.8 with this file. It is usually placed in /usr/local/lib/liquidsoap/0.3.8 or /usr/lib/liquidsoap/0.3.8

Tarball for liquidsoap and liquidsoap-full have been submited, as well as a fixed debian package. Backported stable package is currently being built.

The changelog is: (11-08-2008)
- Fixed metadata propagation during default transition in smart_crossfade
- Changed transition evaluation order in smart_crossfade
- Fixed transition function in smart_crossfade


Posted by Samuel Mimram 2008-08-11

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