Just a question about the best way of doing a feature on my radio station, Radio Clash Live - I’ve hacked up a way of doing it, which might be useful for others, but nagging me there might be a better way of doing it.

Currently I want to play shows from a latest.pls which is an autogenerated playlist file (Python) of the file with the latest modification date, so I have a ‘Latest show’ slot:

radioclashlatest = playlist(mode="normal",reload=3200,"/home/shows/featuredshows/radioclash/talk/latest.pls”)

slotradioclashlatest =rotate(weights = [1,1],[delay(120.,promos),radioclashlatest])

All far so simple. Thing is, if the latest playlist say has a short show, and finishes early, what then? I usually have a few extra music tracks, but say if it’s  1 hour show in a 2 hour show, this will repeat it.

I’ve tried to do this:

slotradioclashlatest =rotate(weights = [1,1,1],[delay(120.,promos),radioclashlatest, radioclashnormal])

Problem with that, is you can’t easily prioritise a playlist in a slot, so say if last week ‘radioclashnormal’ hadn’t finished playing, then the latest slot would start with an old show, not the first one in the stack?

This ‘resume’ feature is nice, but is there a way of ‘resetting’ a playlist or slot to always play from the start, every time? I’ve asked this before and people didn’t respond on here, so thought I’d try again. For other playlists this is a great feature, so if you tune back in next time it starts where it left off...but for slots for new shows, not so great.

What would be ideal is for it to cascade, a bit like fallback but for a slot - so always start with one playlist, then when that’s finished, play from another backup one. I know I can do that with fallback for the whole stream, but this would be per timed slot?