it may not be that Liquidsoap is doing something different, it may be that the sound card is doing something different .. I'm far from being an expert on liquidsoap, but I do know that if your sound card sample rate is below what is expected, you could get exactly the problem you described

On 30 March 2014 08:25, Marius Flage <> wrote:
I see it's documented, but that's just for the SVN and not available in the current latest release. But there has to be some other way of solving this? I've never had problems earlier with capturing from a sound card and encoding this to mp3? What is Liquidsoap doing differently?

- Marius

Den 29.03.2014 03:41, skrev John Plsek:
that would suggest that your input (input.alsa) isn't quite the sample rate as required by the encoder. i.e. encoder expects 44100 samples per second, device "supplies" 44064 samples per second - you'll get an underrun every 20 minutes (I think)

I had a similar situation with an external source - fortunately the external source was a program I wrote, so i could ensure my program supplied exactly the rate required (48000 in my case)

I recall reading about an alternative buffer which performs the same task, adaptive buffer I think it's called - not sure if it's in 1.1.1 or if it came later

On 29 March 2014 13:25, Marius Flage <> wrote:
Hi again!

I have another problem with my stream. I'm getting input from alsa and
now and then (seems to be more or less every 20 minutes), I'm getting a
hang on the stream for maybe 1 second. The log for Liquidsoap outputs
the following when this happens:

2014/03/29 03:21:33 [warp_prod_5647:3] Buffer emptied, start buffering...
2014/03/29 03:21:33 [mksafe:3] Switch to safe_blank with transition.
2014/03/29 03:21:34 [mksafe:3] Switch to warp_prod_5647 with transition.

My .liq looks like this:


set("log.file", true)
set("server.telnet", true)
set("server.socket", true)
set("server.socket.path", "/var/run/liquidsoap/fm8000.sock")
set("server.socket.permissions", 511)

radio = mksafe(buffer(input.alsa()))
radio = server.insert_metadata(id="S4", radio)

output.icecast(%mp3(bitrate = 192),

This is still version 1.1.1, built from source.

- Marius

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