We compile our own Liquidsoap packages for Airtime here:


Follow these instructions to add the sourcefabric keyring to your system and then you should be able to do

sudo apt-get install liquidsoap


On Aug 29, 2012 3:25 PM, "Yoann QUERET" <yoann@queret.net> wrote:
Hi all,

I have an AudioScience 8921 card, with 8 FM Tuner, on a linux Debian
stable (squeeze) server and i need to stream the audio on a icecast2
server (with mp3) on the same host (

I use :
- alsa 1.0.24 (needed to use tuner card with asihpi ) and i have 8 tuner
(hw:0:0:0 -> hw:0:0:7)
- icecast2  2.3.2-kh29
- liquidsoap 0.9.2
- lame 3.98.4

* First problem * - "fatal error: can't update LAME-tag frame!"
This problem is due to a lame bug who send idv2 tag on stdout

* Second problem * - "We must catchup ..."
Perhaps an overload on my CPU (Pentium4(R) 3Ghz) ? a sync problem
between audio card, system, ... clock ? (i have the same problem if i
want to encode in ogg.)
I not have this log when i stream and encode only 3 stream, but with the
8 stream, many log before liquidsoap decide to restart encoding.

I would like to try liquidsoap 1.0.1 and the integrated mp3 encoder
(output.icecast.mp3) on my debian squeeze but without need to compil
every lib, and dep ... Do you known if a liquidsoap 1.0.1 packages
exists for ?

Have you any other idea to make this working ?

Thk in advance.


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