In our project we usually have to keep liquidsoap up-to-date, and we can't use stable packages from debian repos (at least because we need non-free libraries).
Because of that, we have to build liquidsoap from source. But in git there can be bugs, and it is not good to rollout such versions on production.

So, we decided to build our own .deb packages for liquidsoap versions, that pass our testing on dev environment. But.. there is a problem: liquidsoap contains lot of submodules (some of then even contain submodules), and it's very hard to understand, for example, that in submodule of submodule something was changed.

We even thought to checkout all code and make some diffs - but this way we would be unable to see what was added/changed :/

Perhaps there is another way to easy detect recursively if anything (even submodule of submodule) was changed to see real commit on github and comment about changes?
For a moment, after your last harbor fix we have a real nice stable build from git source, but.. in the future we will be not able to understand, for example, how far is new liquidsoap-full repo and submodules. 

Last idea was to recursively remember last commit hash (even for every submodule of submodule). But it seems non trivial for human to see what have beed changed anyway.

Kind regards,