Hey David,

So if i add a white noise generator as a "playlist", start it somehow on_connect, and stop it via on_disconnect, I suppose I will be okay? I'll also have to change the buffer stuff to 1-2 seconds (I went and increased it to 60 seconds to be sure I won't have such problem in the beginning at least).
I'll post a solution as soon as I find one, I'm sure there are others searching for this.

Thank you for pointing me to a direction.

Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 15:11:10 +0200
From: David Baelde <david.baelde@gmail.com>


Pure (or almost pure) silence can create problems with compression: it
is compressed so much that there is no data chunk to send for a while,
which makes streams appear dead. This is addressed in the FAQ
(although not specifically for harbor) with a suggestion on how to
stream (faint) noise instead.

Hope this helps,


On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 4:20 PM, Dimitris Papadimitriou
<jpapad2003@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've used liquidsoap with Airtime for my radio, which I ditched a long time
> ago, and as I would like to do some custom stuff, I decided to use
> liquidsoap with input.harbor etc. I have a serious problem though. If I
> stream silence to input.harbor, even for 1 second, liquidsoap jumps back to
> the fallback, even though I didn't disconnect. That wouldn't be a problem,
> but this also happens if a song is very silent, and in this case it keeps
> jumping from live to fallback and vice-versa, until the song has louder
> output.
> Here is my liq file(it ain't that big):
> #!/usr/bin/liquidsoap
> set("log.file.path","/tmp/<script>.log")
> set("log.stdout", true)
> set("server.telnet", true)
> set("harbor.bind_addr","")
> # Metal Stream Setup
> #1. Normalize default playlist (generic)
> metalplaylist =
> normalize(playlist(id="metal-generic","/home/rock247/music/metal/generic"))
> #3. Crossfade
> metalplaylist =
> crossfade(start_next=6.,fade_out=3.,fade_in=3.,metalplaylist)
> #4. Add Requests
> metalfp = fallback(track_sensitive=true,
> [request.equeue(id="metal-requests"),metalplaylist])
> #5. Metal Live Source
> metallive = input.harbor(id="metal-live","metal",port=8080,password="...")
> #6. Create the final playlist
> metalradio = fallback(track_sensitive=false,[metallive,metalfp])
> #7. Normalize overall volume and make it infallible
> metalradio = nrj(metalradio)
> metalradio = mksafe(metalradio)
> output.shoutcast(id="metal-output",%mp3, host="localhost", port = 8000,
> name="Rock247 Test Stream", url="http://www.rock247.net", genre="Metal",
> password = "...", metalradio)
> I have no skip/strip_blank commands or anything else, and I can't understand
> why it does this. Any help will be more than appreciated.
> Dimitris
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