I hope that this is on topic for this list as it was suggested I come here to post this question; I thought I would ask for advice on something multimedia related.

I work at an organization which would like to utilize live streaming for some of their events so I am pulling together all of the different items I would need to do this.

The requirements for the live streaming/broadcasting are these:

1.  We would like to stream in HD when possible but at a bare minimum we need to stream at 480p to our viewers.

2.  We need to be able to support up to 1000 viewers. We estimate that we may not reach the amount in the near-term but would need that capability. We will look into other options as needed.

3.  We need to be able to interweave video as well as Microsoft PowerPoint slides and other multimedia within the live stream as it happens.

Here are my notes on what we need so far based on these requirements and what I have noted as what we need:



From our requirements we need a camera that has:

- HQ Audio external microphone AND/OR

- Ability to have input for external Microphone or sound system.

- Built in hardware MPEG2 encoder at a minimum. If MPEG4 hardware encoder capable that would be a plus.

Based on this I found the Canon XA10. Will this work?

Link: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/professional/products/professional_cameras/hd_video_cameras/xa10#Features



We are currently using a T3 on campus with about 20-40% utilization. Would this be enough to support the 1000 viewers (max)?


Software for Recording Live Streaming

I have no idea what software we need on this front, and I need advice in this area. I know we need an application or setup that:

- Supports Live Streaming of RAW MPEG2/MP4 video.

- Interweaving of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations and other media.

- Saving of data in native (RAW) format to preserve quality.



I am probably oversizing here (but you can never go wrong with more) so I am estimating we need a minimum of 5TB of near-line storage available for video, especially for events that take a long time. Offline storage needs can be determined after recording has taken place but we are estimating at least 2-3 times the amount above (making the total offline storage around 20TB for the video and other support files.


Internal/External Hosting and Delivery Application/Web Plugin

- Depending on demand we can host externally; at this point we would host internally on our website via a module until demand requires us to host externally.

- Additional research is needed on the exact application to be used to stream the video.

- It was suggested that I should check out YouTube streaming but I don't know how that will play out with trying to link in multimedia from a computer as well as the live stream.

- Again, soliciting advice on this item.



I guess I put a lot out there to digest; I hope that I can receive assistance of any kind. 

Thank you in advance for any advice given.

Christopher Koeber