Hi,2013/8/24 Ashworth Payne <email.ashworth@gmail.com>
> Let me just preemptively apologize for this call for help. I'm not sure this is even possible.

No apologies needed!!

> I have:
> /mnt/dir/*
> /mnt/dir/*/music/*.mp3
> /mnt/dir/*/bits/*.mp3
> Each /*/ is a band name.  Each /music/ folder is full of songs. Each /bits/ folder has random snippets of interviews.
> My script is playing a random song from /mnt/ every hour.
> I'd rather it play a random song, precede by an associated bit. So, if it choses to play
> /mnt/dir/the knobs/music/pan me hard.mp3
> it should precede the song with
> /mnt/dir/the knobs/bits/a random snippit from an interview with the knobs.mp3
> Is this possible within LS? If not, could it be possible with some other directory layout?

My first question would be: have you considered using request.dynamic and a custom script of yours?

This by far the most flexible solution as it allows any kind of scheduling using any kind of scripting language/database etc..

Hope this helps,