Hi Alexander,

> 2013/8/18 Alexander Dal Farra <alexander.dalfarra@dmd2.net>
> > >>I have one question: are the trouble your experience cause by the transitions in this script or were you trying other transitions?
> >
> > Yes the trouble only appears with the live http source used. When I use physical files based on a m3u playlist everything works fine with the script attached. but - for workflow reasons - I need to be able to use the http source as a primary source.

I see. In order to help you better, it'd be nice if you could include an example of the transition that you use.

Also, input.http being a live source, it is possible that when the source ends, liquidsoap isn't aware of it until it is too late to process a transition. You should thus try to increase the buffer and max parameters of input.http. For instance, buffer=7, max=12