Hello everybody

As we are very fond of Liquidsoap and all its abilities, we continue to deploy more and more channels on this exciting platform. The more we use Liquidsoap, the more questions arise.. so in advance - sorry for bothering you :)

Here is my question for today:

I have a music channel I am creating based on some Playlists that contain Links/Paths to Songs. Here is how I create an output channel:

s2=playlist(reload=80000, "Y:\content\m3u\playlist1.m3u")
s3=playlist(reload=80000, "Y:\content\m3u\playlist2.m3u")
s4=playlist(reload=80000, "Y:\content\m3u\playlist3.m3u")

s = rotate (weights=[2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1], [s2, s3, s2, s3, s4, s2])

all works well so far, except that I occasionaly have same-artist tracks that play after each other. Coming from SAM broadcaster, I particularly appreciate the rules one can set in terms of repeating same-artist/album tracks within some hours/minutes with this application. Is there any chance to tell Liquidsoap to *not* play a song from a particular artist/album/track within some hours/minutes? I can figure this is hard to do since Liquidsoap doesn't have a database where a play history is stored, however, I think I saw a script once that contained some kind of an offset when it came to Jingle playing.

I am not a programmer, hence unfortunenately don't know how to 'code' something like this from scratch. But I am willing to learn. So, if any of you can help me out with some code snippet, it would greatly be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
bonne nuit de la Suisse