Hi David

I'm a bit confused by the screencast: it looks like the barix has
successfully connected because it is "playing" at the beginning,
before "buffering". Or is it not playing the liquidsoap stream?

No, it's not playing at all. 

Just a wild guess as to what could be upsetting the decoder box, if
the encoding parameters don't make a difference: do you use any weird
character set in your metadata?

Actually, we don't use any specific metadata (channel name / description / genre etc.) except for the normal artist/title tags. We just push the source out to icecast after we have added some rotation logic, fed thru some normalizing (with NRJ) and monoizing (with MEAN(s)). However, working with different encoding types, stereo, mono, etc. wouldn't help.

I hope to get Barix feedback soon, and I will report to the list.