I'm going down a similar road as me. Liquidsoap can do some of what you ask pretty easily, but other things are a little more complicated. You may just want to store your song meta data in a database and write your own track rotation logic.  Liquidsoap calsl out to a script that returns a file path, and the choice of what to play next is made by the script.

2010/1/28 Spack <spack.world@gmail.com>
Hi all,

I'm new to liquidsoap and I'm currently studying the possibility to use it as a radio automation system. I like the idea of a lightweight solution that you can let run on a server without any GUI and liquidsoap is very powerfull. But after my first investigation, I miss a scheduler.

Let me put some usage case I would like to be able to accomplish :

1. Be able at any time to tell liquidsoap that I want song S to be played next.
2. Be able to know exactly when song S will be played (which time, day, etc...)
3. Manage song rotation, song S must be played X times in a day.
4. Play a jingle after X songs.
5. Associate a jingle with a particular song.
6. Associate a score to the songs and the one with the highest score will be played more often.
7. ...

As I see it right now is to write a script called by liquidsoap with a request.dynamic. And this script after doing some processing on what I want will tell liquidsoap what to play.

But maybe you as liquidsoap user can give me some advise on how to accomplish these tasks ?

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