On 10/07/2013 03:11 AM, Matt Camp wrote:
For comparison I've been also testing with an OLinuXino A20 board, and vorbis there still sits at around 85-93% cpu, however due to the dual-core board this actually sounds mostly ok... there are still the occasional glitches however so I wouldn't want to use this in production.

Fdkaac however sits at only 18% cpu use on the A20 board and the audio is rock solid, even during CPU intensive activities like apt-get updates, which is great news. At the moment my continued efforts to build an embedded liquidsoap live encoder will be focussed around this, or similar boards as they are just so much more capable than the raspberry pi.


I have more than 200 pcengine alix 3d3 with input mic modified to an input line and liquidsoap. I use fdkaac encoder with mpeg4_he_aac at32kbps and sound normalization. CPU usage is +/- 60% and i can run apt-get update with "nice -n 19" :-)

Alix 3D3 :

You can try other open hardware board :