While browsing liquidsoap source tree...
I found this

Does anyone know what it's exact purpose is and/or state of the art. Seems to have been worked on last time on Wednesday 27 Oct 2010.

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On 27/04/12 21.27, David Baelde wrote:
On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 8:38 PM, Haris Zukanovic
<haris.zukanovic74@gmail.com> wrote:
For output I would like to use external encoder to read from loopback ALSA
device fed by liquidsoap.
I believe this is doable, not sure if anyone has confirmed this to work?
As far as I know, ALSA is only for audio, so I don't get that part.

Since liquidsoap uses flat RGB format internally then all that is left seem
to be to make a ocaml based interface to a codec lib or maybe an external
decoding software like ffmpeg (even better if possible, since you get all
input codec that ffmpeg supports)
I agree here. All that is left is to use ffmpeg to produce RGB frames.


Haris Zukanovic