it's the Sunday's email from Fred :-)

My problem are not initiated by logrotation but by rtm cron task.
RTM hourly's cron check used port and running process
and daily's RTM check my RAID.
it's not really work since i ran the new liquidsoap's script a couple of week.
(RTM find used port, but don't display processus name / command / execution in my server OVH's webmanager)

I think the daily check can be the origin of my problem (or combination of  the hourly and daily check)
As you know RTM use .pl script maybe it's the problem.(??)

Sorry if it's not clear, I'm not a Linux warrior or Guru , as you well know, and it's not clear
for me to.
Just to tell the problem seem's specific to my system and not to Liquidsoap.
(but why cut happen only on one liq script and never to the other one ?????)
I disable the RTM task, and I'll see what's happen

Thank you all.