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Sorry guys, but I've been really busy. This release only fixes a bug for uidl processing.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2004-04-18


The debian repository has changed to

deb ./
deb-src ./

Spamassassin plugin for windows is ready, but not included in the distribution. Some more testing is needed. Will be in next release with a spamassassin for win32 distribution.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-11-05

pop3 speedup

Thanks Daniel for his patch that improoves the pop3 plugin, making smm really faster if you keep a lot of messages on the pop3 server.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-08-18


Fixed a bug for the linux release. NOOP messages were sent every n milliseconds, not every n seconds :(

sorry for the mistake.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-07-07

1.0-pre6 news

NOOP support for windows!

Some more doc on NOOP and some fixes int the thread
design of the pop3 plugin.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-07-06


Only fixes fpr the spamassassin plugin.
No news for win32 users :(

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-06-30

smm-1.0pre4 is out

A long time since last release :(

What's new?
Some fixes plus the spamassassin plugin.
If you have spamassasin/spamc installed you can use
spamassassin engine to detect spam.
This plugin is still beta, but I'm using it with no problems, I decided to release it.


Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-06-16

1.0 preview

A friend of mine had a nice idea.
A new plugin will allow you to check your
"partially downloaded" messages with SpamAssassin!

What do you think of this plugin?

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-05-14

Reaching a stable release

I know the number of smm users is not so big...
but I think you are enough to test the software properly.
Please report any bugs, and help me to release a version of
smm and call it STABLE.


Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-04-26

News in 0.20

The pop3 plugin is now Multi-Threaded.
Download speed is improved!
But needs testing.


Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-04-14

0.19 news

0.19 implements the autobounce-deleted-messages feature
(you can activate it in the option window), and fixes some memory leaks.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-03-23

0.18 - fixes

Version 0.18 fixes the orrible plugin-configure-crash.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-03-15

0.17 needs testing

what is new:
- bounce feature instead of complain message

for debian users:
- see the homepage for an unofficial apt source

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-03-09

New Features

As asked by some users a more powerful download policy has been implemented

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-02-09

WARNING - smm-015 config files changed

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-02-01

smm-0.14 config file

smm configuration files have changed.
Look at
for more infos.

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2003-01-05

smm CVS builds on cygwin

Some bugs of smm-0.13 are solved and the cygwin support improved. Now smm CVS builds perfectly under cygwin.
see DEVELOPERS for more info

Posted by Enrico Tassi 2002-09-15

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