Satine 1.0 Beta 1 available


version 1.0 Beta 1

+ replace field __tag__ and __uri__ with the field tpinfo; tpinfo contains 5 fields:
tag, uri, prefix, attrs_types, default_attrs, none_attrs, required_attrs, items_dfa

+ support for XML comments and declarations.
Example l = satine.xml2py("<msg><!-- comment -->Hello<msg/>", opt=satine.opt_xmlStrict)

+ solved most memory issues

+ better support for db repository (see satine.db.test)

+ added XP test suite. The basic tests are performed when you import satine. The complete tests
set is available with method satine.test.full()

+ different interface in and Now the two classes have a
file-like interface (e.g. methods read and write)

+ solved many bugs

Posted by Francesco Garelli 2003-05-09

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