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Satellite 2.1 alpha2 released

Satellite website search/indexing program has released its second alpha release for the 2.1 version.

Features overview:
- Extended administrator to administrate all functionality over the web
- Support for local and HTTP indexing (spidering of other sites)
- Support for result page templates
- Simple template editor
- An unlimited number of indexes and configurations allow for you to exploid several searchengines with 1 Satellite installation
- Support for Google-like search queries (xxx AND yyy OR zzz)
- `Per directory` and normal results displaying
- Full robots.txt support
- Online Help

Posted by Emdo 2004-05-17

Satellite 2 beta-6 released

- "Can't open index(or configuration) file" error (*nix) solved
- fixed result ranking problem
- fixed small interface-issue (in
- Completely rewrote search algorithm, so that it now -different from
the old, rather rigid or/and algorithm- supports 'google-like' search
queries like: `aaa OR bbb AND ccc -ddd`
* Nested queries are not supported [aaa OR (bbb AND ccc)]
* Phrase-search is not supported (planned for Satellite 2.1)
* New algorithm has been tested, but not thouroughly
- Code cleanup (
- a few minor interface fixes (

Posted by Emdo 2004-04-01

Testers wanted for Satellite search engine


Satellite 2 has released its 4th beta package. Getting to know user's opinions on the program in this stage, could mean a great step forward in the further development.

Satellite is a website search/indexing fascillity. It's all web oriented so testing it doesn't require special (programming) skills.... read more

Posted by Emdo 2004-03-20