Sarissa improoved support for Opera 9 and IE7
* Emulated XMLDocument via Document for Opera and fixed XPath thanks to Joao Eiras and Michael(tm) Smith
* Removed MSXML 4/5 progIds (warnings/bugs) thanks to Duncan Booth and Rick Oosterholt
* Fixed transformToDocument for MSXML 3 (probably the SP2 pooped version) thanks to bug submitter Waleed K. Abdulla and the anonymous poster with the fix [1549749]
* Fixed transformToFragment bug thanks to Robert Sanders
* Fixed Sarissa.copyChildNodes thanks to Waleed K. Abdulla
* Fixed selectSingleNode bug thanks to Joao Eiras
* Made document.importNode a bit smarter to stop IE from getting too clever for it's own good thanks to Duncan Booth
* Fixed IE's document.importNode to use document.importNode thanks to Duncan Booth
* Fixed XSLT document() function for MSXML 6 thanks to Ron MacCracken
* Added XSLTProcessor.clearParameters for IE

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Posted by Emmanuil Batsis (Manos) 2006-11-13

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