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New version of XML Sapiens language released

In November, 24 2006 Red Graphic Systems released version 2.0 of XML Sapiens language. XML Site Sapiens is a XML-based web interface creation markup language. It allows to describe web-application as a composition of separated abstract components: data, its presentation and functionality. New language intended to reduce time for development and debugging of web applications. XML Sapiens 2.0 contains new possibilities for reusing, transferring of information objects, scenarios and templates and allows developers to create applications with sophisticated business logic and rich interactivity. ... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2006-12-18

Alive SAPID encyclopedia

A new service of SAPID community has been launched – “alive SAPID encyclopedia” ( This is the 4th service of the community along with the multilingual forum system (, SAPID professionals list ( and specialized hosting (

SAPID community grows rapidly, users develop their own modules, solutions, documentation and take an active part in the project development.
SAPID encyclopedia is meant to structure (arrange) the accumulated knowledge. Likewise a most known product Web 2.0 – Wikipedia, it is based on software MediaWiki. As a result, SAPID encyclopedia inherited its usability, simplicity and wide range of collaboration options.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-12-26

SAPID Development team issues SAPID SHOP

If you need simple, but flexible freeware solution for your own Internet shop building and management, you can get SAPID SHOP. Friendly URLs, XML based content repository, various data formats (XHTML, WML, XML), Ajax –based structure tree, UNIX-like user management, inline editing, dynamical shopping cart, ecommerce reports are just small part of that SAPID SHOP gives to your.

Download: read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-12-21

Real flexible multimedia album organizer for you

If you need an open source web based photo album organizer and you have not time for a long study, you can use SAPID Gallery. It is simple but very flexible solution based on XML Sapiens (a paradigm of the managed sites building, a way for the independent aspects’ effective integration: data, design, and functionality). SAPID Gallery allows multimedia albums creation within your site. You by yourself specify unlimited number of page attributes for each album. Auto resize, thumbnails auto building, WYSIWYG and Ajax-based structure tree are under your control.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-12-21

SAPID Coordinating Committee is Established

For further project evolution and more close interaction between users, weve decided to form coordinating committee.

Coordinators of regional SAPID Club administrate local forums (is exist) and serve as adhesive link between developers and regional SAPID users. Also, they officially represent SAPID community in their region.

Coordinator of Ukrainian community: Pioner (
Coordinator of Hungarian community: Toxin (
Coordinator of Tajic community: Ahat ( )
Coordinator of Portuguese community: SeRgIo FeRrEiRa ( read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-09-29

SAPID Project Marking its First Anniversary

XML Sapiens-based Open Source SAPID CMS is celebrating its first anniversary. The CMS can boast of 30 000 installations during thesse 12 months all around the globe. The system has grown up into a flexible multipurpose instrument for quick creation of web sites. An active professional community (, SAPID specialists ( and SAPID hosting service ( have been created along the way.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-09-08

Launch of the sapid-club project

Dear Sirs,

Its my pleasure to present to you a new project - It currently includes 3 new services (English and Russian message boards and the SAPID Workshop) which aim at instigating the growth and development of the SAPID user network. Just to remind you, SAPID is an open source CMS which demonstrates advantages of the XML Sapiens site-building methodology.

From now on, the clubs forums will provide SAPID with technical support. This same place will be used to discuss news and events regarding the SAPID CMS and SAPID CMF projects, as well as the clubs life.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-06-27

User Interface Management by CMS Becomes Easier

At the 4th CIS PHP Conference (May, 12-13, Kiev) the XML Sapiens unified site-building
concept in focus of XML/PHP was presented. The presentation made an attempt to draw attention to a number of vital questions in web-development, such as: meta-description of web-applications user interface, the web resource object model, the conception of data/presentation/model separation and etc. These points include some hot problems. The XML Sapiens ( can decide these problems. It is necessary to remind that the XML Sapiens is a markup language for CMS developers. The XML Sapiens is aimed to help cutting down time expenses in a web-project development thus lowering project's cost and minimizing laborious system programming in web-site development. ... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-06-02

SAPID v1.2.1 BETA1 is offered for testing

I'm glad to announce that new version of SAPID has been released.

Download link:

Upgrade of existing installations

Existing installations of SAPID may be upgraded manually by
overwriting system files without chagnging site structure, content and
users files. If you choose to upgrade SAPID in this way, DO NOT
overwrite the following files:... read more

Posted by Max Baryshnikov 2005-02-10

New version of SAPID open-source CMS

About SAPID (
SAPID is the simplest and most convenient to use open-source CMS for personal web sites. The project is made for users constructing personal sites as well as for specialists who use non-commercial CMS in web site development.

The new version of SAPID has a usual for Windows users interface of site structure management with drag&drop capabilities; any static site can be automatically transferred into SAPID, and any site created on the basis of SAPID can be easily transformed into a static HTML, XML or PHP site, if needed.... read more

Posted by Dmitry Sheiko 2005-01-19

SAPID v1.2.0 BETA4 is offered for testing

We're glad to offer you a new version of SAPID. This version includes some new features such as advanced structure management interface, user management and user permissions assigned to a structure documents.

SAPID now has very nice installer, and doesn't require much time to install it.

Also great work has been done in bug fixing process. Thanks to all, who helps us with SAPID testing.

Posted by Max Baryshnikov 2004-12-21

Sapid v1.0-RELEASE released!

Sapid v1.0-RELEASE has been released. See change log fo details. No it really works without Apache ModRewrite and may be installed to a subfolder of server's DOCUMENT_ROOT.
Some bugs are fixed.

Posted by Max Baryshnikov 2004-10-18

XML Sapiens designed for CMS developers

Red Graphic Systems (<>) gladly opens free access to XML Sapiens specification at <>. This specification will be useful for developers of CMS-powered web sites.

Designing content management systems developers are longing to make a multi-purpose product, universal for all web sites. XML Sapiens language describes the concept of content management with differentiation between data, representation and functionality. It allows new interfaces without changing the CMS program code. ... read more

Posted by Max Baryshnikov 2004-10-11

Sapid v1.0 RC2 Released

Here's second RC of Sapid.
We've done some bug fixes and interface changes.
Also, we included numerous DDC's to distribution to let people undestand XML Sapiens principles easier.

Posted by Max Baryshnikov 2004-10-07

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