I'll build and binary package (.jar executable) next week so you can test it. I you wont wait, download sources, open with Eclipse (2 or 3) and run the app. Works fine in NetBeans too (and should work in any environment at all - it's pure java). I've tested this only with JDK 1.4.2.
Best regards,
Edson Richter
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From: ajit aranha
To: sapforge-general@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 2:53 AM
Subject: [Sapforge-general] Re: sapdb sources & studio testing

 Firstly regarding studio,
> The studios screens are needing two urgent works:
> 1) Look and feel. I'm using "text" buttons for
> everything, and it could be
> nicely designed buttons
> 2) There are some weird bugs in the event handlers,
> this need much more
> tests.
 Edson for the nicely  designed buttons. I assume u
mean icons. Let me know what size you want the icons
in and file format. I dont have any knowledge of java
gui programming so i dont think i can actually port
the code to 'nicelly designed buttons'.

 Secondly i have only seen the screenshots yet.Id
there a alpha release on sourceforge or do i need to
build from sources.Let me know.
 Regarding the testing i will use the studio and try
tracking down problems.

Secondly regarding the sources.Sven i think anounmous
access has now been enabled to ftp.sap.com .
  Try and get the db kernel sources. However we should
definitely get the odbc sources once some signinficant
memory leak bugs are fixed.(see my posts to the maxdb

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