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Saper 3D version 1.1.1 released

Saper 3D is a fully three dimensional clone of the Minesweeper game. This release contains only one improvement, but quite significant: numbers showing number of adjacent mines dissapear when no longer needed. This makes the game a lot easier to play.

Posted by Mateusz Matela 2008-05-13

Saper 3D version 1.1 released!

Now Saper 3D, a three-dimensional Minesweeper clone, is faster and its gameplay is even better. And what is the most important, it can be run on Linux! All Minesweeper lovers should try it out.

Posted by Mateusz Matela 2008-03-08

Saper3D: version 1.0 released

Saper3D is a 3D clone of the popular Minesweeper game, using OpenGL and freeglut. Project aims to feature the most convenient interface and the nicest graphics.

I'm happy to announce the first release of my game. As for now it's only available for Windows.

I think everyone who likes Minesweeper should try this out, because moving the gameplay to tree-dimensional space makes it more challanging and more fun :)

Posted by Mateusz Matela 2007-11-01