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Salvare v0.1.5 (aka 0.5.0-pre1 aka "the delayed one")

Salvare v0.1.5 has now been released.

Salvare (from the Latin "to rescue") is a small Linux distribution designed for small, credit-card sized CDs which typically hold around 34MB. More Linux than tomsrtbt but less than Knoppix, it aims to provide a useful workstation as well as a rescue disk.

There are *many* changes in this release. And, in fact, it is also be a preview release of v0.5.0 (see the roadmap[1] for details). Some of the major changes are:... read more

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2004-10-31

Debian installer

Just a note to say that Salvare's not dead - at the moment I'm working on a Debian installer which I've used successfully a couple of times (with minor annoyances due to Debian ;-)) to install and get running Debian boxes.

Hopefully it'll be mature enough to get into CVS and a release shortly.

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-12-02

v0.1.3 released

Salvare v0.1.3 has been released! Main changed items include: updated BusyBox, chkrootkit and cloop. Miscellaneous bug fixes, including some boot hangs on some hardware. Also, /etc/salvare/preinit and /etc/salvare/postinit will be run if available before and after running over /.salvare/init. These files can be extracted from 'bootstrp.tar.gz' on a floppy disk which will be checked during boot.

Files can be downloaded from the SourceForge download page:

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-09-22

Salvare v0.1.1 released

This second official release contains: numerous bug fixes; NFS mounts; telnetd and sshd commands; and ncftp.

The changelog is available at: and it can be downloaded from

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-07-18

Salvare v0.1.0 and roadmap

Salvare-0.1.0 has been released. As an 18MB ISO this release provides:

* everything in tomsrtbt
* apt-get into tmpfs
* hardware auto detection
* ability to run entirely from RAM, allowing the CD to be removed
* (Almost) complete copy of Perl
* bash
* Graphical/text-mode web browser (Links 2.1pre9)
* OpenSSH clients
* Security tools including; chkrootkit, nmap and tcpdump

The roadmap to 1.0.0 has also been outlined on the developers page:... read more

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-07-02


apt-get works :-)

apt-get update; apt-get install fortune-mod; /usr/games/fortune (for example)

There's still some dependencies to iron out, and make the selecting of a local Debian mirror more intelligent, but the principle's working! Debian has over 8,000 packages available. Hopefully, the majority of these can now be added to a running Salvare system without touching the local hard disk.

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-05-16

Things to do before 0.0.1

The current ISO and tarball can now be downloaded and CVS is up-to-date. Therefore, I've laid out what needs to be done before the 0.0.1 release:

Posted by Andrew Flegg 2003-05-06

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