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Release 1.3.0 now available

Sales Portal 1.3.0 now available for download. Here is a list of changes for this release.

# The Printed Calendar both Weekly and Monthly now have a 2nd print button. This option will also print the Action Note.
# When a new document is added, we now include the Creation Date and user. This will display on the prospect document view and document view.
# Sales Portal now accepts orders from the eBusiness Suite as commission transactions. Salesmen and prospects need to be setup in the eBusiness Suite and are linked by their Salesportal ID.
# If a commission is linked to a prospect, the commission will now display on the Prospect Detail Display screen.
# We have added a migration log for tracking import and export status. This will be expanded on and add to the Infoportal Sales portal in a future release.
# We have added a prospect import log to the database to allow you to audit prospect imports.
# Email template has been added to the menu. This allows you to setup pre defined email responses that can be copied into an email.
# We fixed a background processor error that occurred if you were doing multiple types of imports.
# There are new database scripts to run
# There new tags in xml_config/appConfig.xml:... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2009-09-22

1.2.9 Release

Sales Portal has tons of new features and updates:

* Add email draft id to sales actions
* add background processor that sends list of prospects with email draft to use to OP for automated email send
note, op is changed to allow different emails for each prospect
* Add automated campaign logic:
1. when you define sales action you define # of days between sales action
2. background processor that adds campaigns to prospects based on automated campaign date range and selection criteria
* sales actions - add flag to control if it displays on the prospect add sales action (display for Salesman flag)
* campaigns - add flag to control if it displays on the prospect add campaign (display for Salesman flag)
* Allow delete/change of sales action, even if assigned to prospects
* Allow delete/change of campaign, even if assigned to prospects.
* Help text on Insert/update sales actions
* Help text on Insert/Update automated campaigns.
* Help text on Insert/update email sales actions.
* Unsubscribe logic in Order Portal is changes, any prospects that unsubscribe the opt out date is
passed back to sales portal and prospect is updated with opt out date
* All email selection logic will exclude any prospect where opt out date is filled out.
* automated campaigns - added ability to only select if prospect was created >= campaign start date
* completed sales actions - added sales action date.
* fix search error if you put in sales action date and there were no matches, pulled up all prospects(due to eliminate dup logic)
* Add a new field, Salesman Name to the autoresponder information sent with email . This is salesman first name, a space, plus salesman last name
* Automated Emails and Campaigns the 3 multiple selection fields (territory, lead source and status) did not clear when you selected new options. This is now fixed.
* Work with prospects searching. Added check box to territory, lead source and status. You can select prospects that do NOT have this field filled out.
* add in round robin logic
* Email request responder logic:
1. When you click on the email link in a prospect, will add cc, bcc, subject, and body. The values are stored in the Application Configuration
2. Added email templates to use for cutting and pasting into response emails.
* Security flaw that allowed access to admin for non admin users was identified and is fixed in this release.
* calendar - on order portal requests when you hover over the link in calendar the question will display
* new database scripts to run
* new tags in xml_config/appConfig.xml:... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2009-06-03

Its been a while, but release 1.2.8 is now available

This latest release of Sales Portal has many new improvements and bug fixes.

# Maintenance over Data Migration options and Data Migration Tables added
# Prospect Import changes for territory and status id - see below
# Totally new Logic for outbound Emails - see below
# Import - added check box to check for duplicates, plus added to appConfig.xml for automated imports
# New Territories to default to Yes include in Information Portal reports
# Prospect Last Change date - now updated if notes, contact, sales action or campaign is added or updated
# New Search criteria added to work with prospects screen - see below
# Fixed a bug on return to Calendar from prospect detail screen ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2009-02-13

Release 1.2.7

**Sales Portal 1.2.7**

Sales Portal 1.2.7 has numerous bug fixes and upgrades

For a full list and description of bug fixes and upgrades please visit:

For Sales Portal Support and Services please contact Mike at

We thank you for choosing Sales Portal for download and hope it serves your needs. Enjoy.... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2008-10-03

Notes for users Updating to SP Rel 1.2.6

Just a note for users who are upgrading your Sales Portal to release 1.2.6.

Please go into your Admin, Update Salesman. Then for each salesman, edit the salesman and just press update. This will set the salesman record correctly , indicating they have access to all territories and status codes.

If you want to limit them, click the limit option and then use ctrl+click to select multiple territories and/or multiple status codes.... read more

Posted by annr 2008-05-27

Sales Portal Release 1.2.6 Notes

Release 1.2.6 ****

1.We had a customer report that periodically sales actions would disappear. We believe we have tracked this down to the Delete Prospect (right X) where it also deletes all linked objects. The delete method for Prospect Sales Actions did not force criteria (prospect or sales action id) to be present. We have fixed this. Also we gone into every delete method and made sure there will always be selection criteria for a delete. We have added junit tests for all the delete methods.... read more

Posted by annr 2008-05-25

Many changes in Sales Portal 1.2.5

*** Sales Portal 1.2.5 ***

Sales Portal Release 1.2.5 has many new features, additions and bug fixes.

1. You can now assign multiple territories and statuses to a salesman

2. You can now limit a salesman's view on a search

3. Territory Change Timer - When creating/updating a territory, you can now assign
a return territory and a return timer. With this information, when a prospect changes territories, the timer checks to see if it needs to be changed back. ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2008-03-07

Sales Portal with Reporting abilities...

*** Sales Portal 1.2.4 ***

additions are:

1. New Menu Option - New menu option "Reporting" is now part of Sales POrtal. This link summarizes Information Portal, another project available for download which is the reporting for Sales Portal.

2. css updated and start of new "more information" links being created. These "More information" links will describe the screen that the user is on. Currently this has been done on the Update Campaign screen.... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2008-02-01

Thanks to outside contributions, Sales Portal 1.2.3 is here

*** Sales Portal 1.2.3 ***

Thanks to code contributions from Subnetworx and a bug list from
BITT LIMITED we were able to release Sales Portal 1.2.3.

Code Contributed:

1. New Color Schema for Sales Actions - This new addition allows
you to select a color to associate to a Sales Action. This
color will display in all Calendar Views when Action is displayed

2. Auto Weekly Calendar refresh - The weekly Calendar now refreshes
on its own. You can change timer settings in the appConfig
in the tag <CALENDAR_REFRESH_SECONDS>. DEfault settings is
at 30 seconds. ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-12-16

Sales Portal 1.2.2 Ready for Download!

*** Sales Portal 1.2.2 ***

Major functionality additions are:

1. Add Sales Actions to a entire prospect list
2. Print calendar bug
3. Installation Wizard Clean up

For documentation please check Sales Portal User Manual.

For Sales Portal Support and Services please contact Mike at

Additional copies of documentation and information can be found/downloaded at

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-11-01

Sales Portal 1.2.1 Now Available

*** Sales Portal 1.2.1 ***

Major functionality additions are:

1. Installation Email Bug Fix
2. Cleaner looking/running Installation Wizard

We apologize for any inconvenience in trying to run the Installation Wizard in the last release. This release has addressed the email issue and should run smoothly.

For Sales Portal Support and Services please contact Mike at

Additional copies of documentation and information can be found/downloaded at

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-10-03

Email issue resolved...

We have found in our installs that the Automated Installation Wizard errors out at the Email Settings Step. There are 2 possible reasons for this. Either Tomcat5 is missing a required mail.jar file, or on the Email Settings page the "From Sender " field requires an email address that is associated with the mail account information.

To remedy the missing mail.jar file problem, we have included a file ready for download here on sourceforge or at which includes instructions on how to fix this problem. ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-08-22

Sales Portal 1.2.0 Available Now!!

*** Sales Portal 1.2.0 ***

Major functionality additions are:

1. Minor bug fixes
2. Navigation changes to make it easier to use
3. User oriented commission logic
4. Campaigns with multiple Sales Actions/Dates for Sales, Marketing, Project and other work flow applications
5. Campaigns added to the calendars views
6. All custom queries can now be downloaded as CSV files.
7. Automated Installation Process - now REALLY easy to install (note adds a tag in the appconfig.xml to indicate already run)
8. Sales Portal Mobile (mobile web browser access) ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-08-20

Changing Release Packages

We apologize for any confusion. Recently we decided to change release packages from Tomcat and Geronimo to Java2 and Java5 releases. However, this caused some confusion and we noticed users downloading older Tomcat versions of Sales Portal instead of our newest release Java2 and Java5 1.1.3.

To simplify things, we have decided to change back our release naming to Tomcat4 for the Java2 package and Tomcat5-Geronimo for the Java5 packaging. We hope this clears up any confusion. If you have any questions concerning Sales Portal, please feel free to contact Mike at

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-07-18

Sales Portal release 1.1.3 now Available

After 3 months of waiting for the next release, Randr Inc is proud to offer Sales Portal version 1.1.3 for download. Current release updates include:

- Internationalized dates and times
- Multiple sales actions
- ** Increased junit coverage **
- Added search by status code to calendar

** Junit coverage is on Sales Portal Java 5 only.

With this new release, Randr Inc has decided to consolidated its Sales Portal packages into 2 main packages: ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-07-04

Sales Portal Ubuntu release Available Now!

Sales Portal Ubuntu version 1.1.2 is ready for download.

Release Notes:

For a single person, a dynamic, Web-Based Sales tool brought to your standalone desktop or laptop through Ubuntu without the need for a dedicated server. This release is for Entrepreneurial Businessmen and Professional Salesmen who do not want or need a traditional CRM package. Manage your prospects and customers throughout the sales cycle on your desktop or laptop. Easy to use. Easy to install.

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-04-14

Ooops.... Updated Source Code

An updated version of the Sales Portal source code is now available. The updated source code is for Sales Portal 1.1.2 release. We apologize for any inconvenience. Enjoy.

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-03-06

Sales Portal release 1.1.2 Now Available

Sales Portal 1.1.2 is now available for download.
Changes include:

* - Calendar view by "All Territories"
* - Calendar view Previous Weeks/Months
* - Calendar view Next Weeks/Months
* - Sanity Check on Time (no conflicting next sales action
* - Various bug fixes

As always, Randr Inc's Sales Portal support forum is available for any questions or help. This is a no charge support forum. We welcome your participation and feedback. ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-02-13

Sales Portal 1.1.1 available for download

We have updated Sales Portal and added the ability to enter time to help keep track of upcoming next sales actions. Time of Next Sales Actions will display on prospect/customer page and all calendar views.

In addition the territory now displays and prints on weekly and monthly calendar views.

As always, Randr Inc's Sales Portal support forum is available for any questions or help. This is a no charge support forum. We welcome your participation and feedback. ... read more

Posted by mikecroteau 2007-02-01

Minor Additions to Sales Portal 1.1

Several minor additions to Sales Portal 1.1 were requested and will be available shortly.

1. Add the Territory Name to the calendar heading.
2. Allow entry of time associated with a next sales action. Time will display on the calendar and in the pop up window.

This changes will be uploaded this week. Thank you Ann

Posted by annr 2007-01-28

Sales Portal Release 1.1

We have added 2 key new functions within the Sales Portal in release 1.1 which is now available for download on Sourceforge or through the site.

1. Calendaring - we have added a daily, weekly and monthly calendar view which is limited by territory. Features drill down to prospect detail information, pop up on the monthly calendar so you don't have to drill down. Printable pages. Page samples will be available shortly.
2. Automatic allocation of prospects by zip code into territories - we have added the ability to link zip codes to a territory. As you add prospects, they will automatically be linked to the correct territory.... read more

Posted by annr 2007-01-16

Admin manual now included in download for Sales Portal 1.0

Our new Administration Manual for Sales Portal has been added to both download files (Tomcat and Geronimo). This manual covers the maintenance and set up options available to a project administrator.

In addition the overview brochure has been updated to reflect the new features in 1.0.

These documents as well as the User Manual(also updated for new features) are included in the download files and are also available individually from the website.... read more

Posted by annr 2006-12-07

Sales Portal Downloads - 2 versions available

Sales Portal is now available for download.
We have created a download for the Tomcat version and one for Geronimo. Choose one of two of the available downloadable packages. Please see the notes for each download to see what is included in the download. (Overview brochure, manuals, instructions).

1. Sales Portal Geronimo version 1.0
2. Sales Portal Tomcat version 1.0

Posted by mikecroteau 2006-11-17

Sales Portal No Charge Support Forum

Click link:

It will take you to Randr Inc's Sales Portal support forum. This is a no charge support forum. We welcome your participation and feedback.

In addition to support for Sales Portal, please check out the technical support section of our forum and the new technical tips section (apache, postgres, tomcat).

Posted by mikecroteau 2006-11-10

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