SAGA User Group Meeting at AGIT 2013, Salzburg, Austria

Dear SAGA friends, users and supporters,

as announced before the SAGA User Group Meeting will take place on Thursday (4th of July) morning at AGIT ( in Salzburg, Austria. Here is the agenda of the meeting:

  • Welcome (Jürgen Böhner)
  • Landscape evolution models: Lithologically differential weathering, transport and deposition of unconsolidated material in mountainous areas (Michael Bock)
  • Scripting with SAGA - ways of workflow automation (Volker Wichmann)
  • SAGA 2.1 - new features and outlook (Olaf Conrad)
  • Open Discussion
  • User group annual meeting with election of executive committee

And now enjoy the world of SAGA,
your SAGA Development Team

Posted by Michael Bock 2013-06-26