SAGA User Guide released

2010-11-13 16:48:28 CET

Dear SAGA users,

I'm pleased to announce that Volume 2 of the SAGA User Guide by Kim Cimmery has been released. While Volume 1 provides mainly an introduction to SAGA GUI, Volume 2 provides 'How To' information on many SAGA modules, functions, and GIS applications.

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are updated to SAGA version 2.0.5. You can download the PDFs from the "References" section on the SAGA homepage ( or from the "Files" section here on sourceforge (

I would like to express my gratitude to Kim Cimmery, who invested a lot of time and dedication to write, expand and update these documents!

Thanks a lot!

Posted by Volker Wichmann 2010-11-13