SAGA 2.0 RC3 supports Python

SAGA 2.0 - Release Candidate 3

Dear SAGA users,

...a small number of major innovations to SAGA led us to the decision to publish a third release candidate before establishing a final release of SAGA version 2.

For simple users of SAGA the most important change is the use of the wxWidgets 'Advanced User Interface' (wxAUI), which replaces the previously used and not anymore maintained 'wxDockit' functions. wxAUI is part of the official wxWidgets distribution, so we hope to benefit from future improvements of it, but we did not test it yet very well.

Developers of SAGA-Modules should notice that the namings of classes and global functions in the SAGA-API have been changed to reflect that these are part of the SAGA-API library. Each class begins with 'CSG_' so that e.g. the string class 'CSG_String' can be used parallel to the MFC class 'CString'. All changes of names are documented in the header file 'compatibility.h' in the saga_api folder of the sources. This header enables you also to compile older source codes of SAGA modules with the current API.

The most interesting innovation for many users might be the creation of a script language interface using the SWIG compiler ( At the moment we have tested successfully to generate a Python interface, which allows you to access all functions of the SAGA-API. Some Python script examples have already been prepared for download in the release section (s.b.). For the installation of the SAGA-API Python interface you have to download the SAGA source codes first. As further prerequesite you need to have wxWidgets, SWIG and Python installed on your system. In the folder of the API sources you find two script files, which help you with the installation procedure itself. ('saga_api_to_python_win.bat' and '' for a Windows installation, '' and '' for Linux). Perhaps you have to adjust some settings in these script files to your system. We are very interested in your suggestions regarding the SAGA-API script interface. Please feel free to post us your experiences.

Five archive files have this time been prepared for download:

  1. '': Windows binaries compiled with MS Developer Studio 6.0.

  2. 'saga_2.0_rc3_bin_linux.tar.gz': Linux binaries with the wxGTK libraries statically linked.

  3. '': all SAGA 2.0 source codes, ready to be compiled with MinGW, VC++6/7/8.

  4. 'saga_2.0_rc3_src_tar.gz': special source code distribution for Linux.

  5. '': examples for Python scripts using the SAGA-API.

And now I wish you a lot of fun using SAGA 2.0.

Olaf Conrad

Goettingen, October 30, 2006


Posted by Olaf Conrad 2006-10-30