SAGA GIS 2.0 Beta (1st Update)

SAGA GIS 2.0 Beta (1st Update - 09.09.2005)

Dear SAGA users,

slowly but surely the SAGA development continues. Due to your feedback a number of bugs could be fixed and also several new features based on your suggestions have been included in the current release. Though SAGA becomes more and more stable, we call it still a beta version. Besides further bug fixing many things are left to do before releasing a final version 2.0:

  • a flexible print layout control using html like tags
  • automatic creation of pdf/html reports from module outputs (including maps)
  • improved toolbar behaviour (perhaps a wxWidgets problem)
  • and of course it needs documentation, tutorials, software guides...

Some of the new GUI/API features are:
- optimised redraw behaviour of map views
- adding, inserting and deleting of records in table views
- snapping of points, when editing vector data
- measuring distances in map views
- 1-bit grid support (saves a lot of memory for black/white images)
- get images of grids through api's callback function, as displayed in the gui.
- open a web browser, when clicking at an URL in description/about windows
- message windows will not stop showing new messages, after the maximum buffer size has been reached. in that case the oldest message lines will be removed.
- starting SAGA the first time, the workspace, active item and message windows will be positioned in a more user friendly manner.

Some of the new module features are:
- module menu paths have been reorganised
- swath profiles
- create new empty tables and shape layers of desired type (point, line, polygon)
- new image import/export modules
- almost all modules are now available under Linux too (to run the GDAL import module, the GDAL package has to be installed)

Most of these features have not really been tested yet. So please report any bugs to the SAGA bug tracker at:
Also let us know about features you would like to have in the final SAGA 2.0 release.

One major reason for releasing this update now is that we want to involve more external programmers in the SAGA development. Therefore we set up a CVS server, which contains SAGA's up to date source codes. At the moment the server is hosted at a small computer in our department. If you want to contribute, you have to ask us per e-mail for a user access. As soon as possible we want to migrate to a CVS server hosted by sourceforge, what will make the CVS access less complicated. In particular we would appreciate developers with Linux experiences (e.g. creation of debian/rpm packages), peoples with ideas to enhance the Graphical User Interface, and last but not least anyone, who wants to contribute new scientific modules. Other hot spots in the SAGA development refer to our plans for later releases:

  • have a topological vector class model as alternative to the object oriented CShapes class (e.g. for easy network analyses)
  • a multi grid class (e.g. for multispectral data handling)
  • the creation of a scripting interface to the SAGA API/GUI (preferential using SWIG:, that is accessible through Python, Perl, Basic...
  • full database integration

And again, if you need support, we will try our best. But please don't complain, if you don't get everything for free. Indeed the current economic depression did not spare us and if everything goes wrong the SAGA project might be dead soon. Therefore feel free to give us any support you can afford. A good option to do this is to join the SAGA User Group Association as funding member (see the SAGA homepage to find out more). And if you have a job opportunity, then please send your offer to me (thanks).

That's all for this time.
And now have a lot of fun using SAGA 2.0!

Olaf Conrad
SAGA Development Team
Goettingen, September 9, 2005


Posted by Olaf Conrad 2005-09-19