Adding an ID-column to a points-shapefile

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  • WouterLefebvre

    WouterLefebvre - 2011-10-04


    is there a way to add an ID-column to a points-shapefile, preferably by
    command line?

    In other words, in the attribute table of the shapefile, I have to add an
    extra column, named ID (or an other name), on which the first row gets as
    value 0, the second row as value 1 and so on... (if it begins with 1 instaed
    of 0, no problem).

    Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous - 2011-10-07

    You can use the function Enumerate Table Field, in the module Table Tools. If
    you leave the setting Attribute to , it will not add a new column with a
    unique ID. I wasn't able to get it to perform properly with command line. If
    you do, report back how please.



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