Grid file could not be opened.

  • Bogdan Hlevca

    Bogdan Hlevca - 2014-04-16


    I worked a little sit SAGA and I like it. However, I have a problem. I cannot load any of the saved grids. I imported a geotiff and saved it as a sgrd files
    4 files are created

    MaxRate_april_june.mgrd 21 KB
    MaxRate_april_june.prj 512 B
    MaxRate_april_june.sdat 11.2MB
    MaxRate_april_june.sgrd 142 B

    Everything else seems to work. Unfortunately the error is too cryptic to reveal the cause.

    I tried a pre-compiled version 2.0.8 and I tried a 2.1.2 compiled by me. The behaviour is identical.

    Is there anything I can do to discover the problem. This is very annoying as I need to process the grid every time to change the colors the ranges, etc

    I am on Linux 64 bit. The compilation finished with no error and everything else seems to work fine..


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  • Ludwig Hilger

    Ludwig Hilger - 2014-04-16

    Dear Bogdan,

    nor wuite sure if I understand you problem, but the four files you listed are actually one single grid: Each Saga Grid consists of a .mgrd, .prj, .sdat and .sgrd. The actual file you want to open in SAGA is the *.sgrd.


    • Bogdan Hlevca

      Bogdan Hlevca - 2014-04-16

      Dear Ludwig,

      Thanks for replying. The problem is that the *.sgrd files are NOT loaded. The subject of this forum topic "Grid file could not be opened" is exactly what SAGA is printing out as an error every time I am trying to load a grid file.

      I listed all the files that were generated so that you know that I have there all the necessary files and that the problem is at load time.

      I was asking if there is anywhere where I can find a more useful debugging message that will help with understanding why the grid file is not loaded.



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