the only thing I don't like about SAGA

  • Consuelo Hermosilla

    Hello folks,

    I have to say I love SAGA. The only thing I don't like about this great
    software, is this. Let's pretend I have created a project with 2 grids (same
    grid system) and then closed the program. When I re open the program and the
    project, the same day or another day, if I want to import another grid, into
    the same system grid, SAGA creates another grid system. It make no sense to
    me, because they should have the same coordinates and cell sizes. Do I have to
    change any settings? Is this normal? I know I can resample or merge them with
    a dummy grid, but it make no sense!!! Anybody has had this problem?

    Here's an image to see what I mean:


  • Consuelo Hermosilla

    (What's the difference between the disussion topics and forum topics? I wanted
    to create a forum topic... sorry... )

  • Johan Van de Wauw

    This is certainly a bug. How did you import your grid (which module?).

    As a workaround try saving the newly imported grid, closing it and reloading

  • Consuelo Hermosilla

    It has happened to me lots of time, everytime I didn't import all the grids
    during the same session... it is really a pain ... but still, I have managed
    to work... I hoped someone knew a trick to fix it...

  • Volker Wichmann

    Volker Wichmann - 2010-03-26

    Do you import your grids from ESRI ASCII? If so, this should be resolved by my
    fix on Nov 17 2009.

    Which SAGA version do you use? 2.0.4 is older than the fix.


  • Consuelo Hermosilla

    Yes, I'm importing ESRI ASCII grids. I'm using the 2.0.4 version. I didn't
    know about the fix. What do I have to do? Is there another version to

  • Volker Wichmann

    Volker Wichmann - 2010-03-26

    In case you work on windows and don't like to compile yourself: From time to
    time I place binary snapshots for download on

    The builds include the fix. Don't forget to install the Microsoft
    Redistributional package if not already installed on your system.


  • Consuelo Hermosilla

    Thanks Volker. Yes, I'm still a windows user. I'll try the build and bookmark
    that webpage! Thanks!!

  • Avishek Dutta

    Avishek Dutta - 2013-10-30

    Saga IS a powerhouse and I haven't even fully realized what it is capable of and that is what I want to change!

    The only thing I don't like about Saga is the lack of documentation of the API and the modules. I can live with the modules as they are, but the API...!

    Please...I have recently started developing with saga...if you guys know of any documentation better than this: post here.

    I would also like to urge and plead the people behind to give the developers a better document.



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