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[r2107] by oconrad

ta_hydrology, upslope area: serious bug fixed, supporting multiple target cells did not work!

2014-04-29 16:25:03 Tree
[r2106] by oconrad

pj_proj4, tissot indicatrix generator: ellipses and distortion parameter calculation now (almost) correct

2014-04-25 09:08:39 Tree
[r2105] by oconrad

pj_proj4: indicatrix generator added (distortion parameter calculation incomplete)

2014-04-24 16:36:32 Tree
[r2104] by reklov_w

Supervised Classification for Polygons: change parameter interface to use a Table_Fields parameter in order to make the module working on the command line too; resolves bug#151

2014-04-21 15:24:01 Tree
[r2103] by reklov_w

Hypsometry module: rework/add module and parameter descriptions, add parameter en/disable methods to reflect possible parameter configurations and add error messages in case of module execution failure; refers to bug #110

2014-04-21 12:21:50 Tree
[r2102] by reklov_w

saga_gui: 'Create Script Command File' for python upgraded to at least reflect the current state of the python interface and to run simple modules with a few edits to the generated script

2014-04-19 16:29:45 Tree
[r2101] by reklov_w

fix in python scripting examples in order to run with latest module parameter interfaces of 'Slope, Aspect, Curvature' and 'Curvature Classification' modules

2014-04-19 12:52:54 Tree
[r2100] by reklov_w

fix GOMPFLAGS in by adding -lgomp in addition to -fopenmp; this fixes the 'ImportError: undefined symbol: GOMP_parallel_start' when using the SWIG built python interface with an openmp enabled SAGA build

2014-04-19 12:27:42 Tree
[r2099] by oconrad

shape_polygons, shape indices: serious logical bug, maximum distance calculation, thx to pascal asmussen

2014-04-16 09:04:19 Tree
[r2098] by oconrad

shape_polygons, shape indices: serious logical bug, maximum distance calculation, thx to pascal asmussen

2014-04-16 09:01:19 Tree
[r2097] by oconrad

grid_tools, clip grids: add buffer to extent, clip with polygon

2014-04-11 12:50:55 Tree
[r2096] by oconrad

saga_gui: minor fix, adding data objects

2014-04-11 12:49:32 Tree
[r2095] by oconrad

pj_proj4, crs_transform_grid: bug fix

2014-04-08 16:05:39 Tree
[r2094] by oconrad

pj_proj4, crs_transform_grid: optimizations (omp support, target area calculation)

2014-04-08 15:02:41 Tree
[r2093] by oconrad

vigra, random forest: bug fix, empty export path string caused crash

2014-04-07 14:59:01 Tree
[r2092] by oconrad

saga_gui, graticule: don't report anything in message window (execution)

2014-04-04 14:16:09 Tree
[r2091] by oconrad

io_grid_image, export / kml: transparency for no data and minor bug fix

2014-04-04 14:14:29 Tree
[r2090] by oconrad

vigra, random forest: hdf5 support, rf ex-/import

2014-04-04 14:13:44 Tree
[r2089] by reklov_w

MLB io_grid_image: set svn properties (ID, EOL)

2014-04-04 12:37:27 Tree
[r2088] by reklov_w

io_grid_image, Export Image: fix shading computation, restores functionality of r1472

2014-04-04 12:35:15 Tree
[r2087] by oconrad

saga_gui, module libraries, config (ini): save relative paths if appropriate

2014-04-04 09:08:54 Tree
[r2086] by oconrad

saga_gui, config file (ini): allow to disable write access (might also speed-up program closing on slow devices - needs testing)

2014-04-04 09:07:51 Tree
[r2085] by oconrad

io_grid_image, kml export: fix compiler (gcc) error

2014-04-04 06:49:19 Tree
[r2084] by oconrad

vigra, random forest classification: optionally take label values (interpreted as integers) as class id, import/export of rf classifiers (if vigra's hdf5 support is enabled)

2014-04-03 16:12:49 Tree
[r2083] by oconrad

io_grid_image: added kml export with internal re-projection to gcs if necessary

2014-04-03 16:09:57 Tree
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