SAFS *is* able to work alone—without commercial GUI testing tools.  But, there are limitations to GUI testing if some type of GUI testing tool is not used.


The best way to get a feel for what SAFS can do without Rational Robot, Rational Functional Tester, or any of the other commercial tools, you can review the SAFS Keyword Reference and note that commands supported by “TID” and “SDC”.  These do NOT require RFT, Robot, WinRunner, or one of the other tools.  These TID and SDC commands will work with SAFS standalone.


Mostly, the command set will be limited to “Driver Commands”, and some “Component Functions” (GUI commands) implemented using the pure java.awt.Robot and SAFS Image-Based Testing (Patent Pending, and Open Source!)


You can install the SAFS Framework and use these commands and the 4 SAFS services independent of (or in conjunction with) any commercial testing tool.


With SAFS installed, there is a small “TIDTest” sample that verifies the framework is up and running which also serves as an example of SAFS test tables and test setup.


SAFS includes a very well-defined framework for making any test “NLSified”—the same test able to run against different localized versions of the item to be tested.


We have also reignited the fires for Selenium support in SAFS.

We have some (old) support for ABBot—for Java testing—that could also be dusted off and revitalized.

We will be commencing large-scale development for production-level TestComplete (commercial) support within the next few weeks.

We are currently in development of a web-based development tool (IDE) for SAFS Keyword-Driven testing.


We always welcome folks willing to contribute development support in these efforts!


SAFS tests can be text-based keyword test tables, OR, JSAFS Java programs for the developer/tester wanting to write code and test flow logic while still maintaining test-tool independence:


There is also a DLL providing COM Automation Objects on Windows to access SAFS and all the SAFS services via scripting languages like VBScript, QTP, and TestComplete and other languages interfacing with COM.


Carl Nagle
SAS Planning, Operations and Strategy
Software Quality Tools and Infrastructure



From: Alvin Lee []
Subject: [safs-public] Is SAFS able to perform automated test standalone?


Hi Carl,


I've just found this project from browsing the web and am especially very impressed by your white paper - Test Automation Frameworks. I just tried to look at the Quick Start With RFT and found that it requires IBM Rational Function Tester. Do you have any example that doesn't need to install commercial product? Or the question may be asked the other way: Does SFAS have to work with at least one of the commercial products in your support list? Is SAFS able to work alone?