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SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue / News: Recent posts

Version 0.8.3 and

SAFMQ Version 0.8.3 was released this fall and adds new features like temporary message queues and statistics reporting.

The new statistics API features allow SAFMQ clients to observe the operational performance of the server. Meanwhile, the temporary message queues, allow clients to create private response queues that last as long as they are in use and are automatically removed from the server when no longer in use (closed by all client applications).... read more

Posted by Matthew Battey 2010-11-03

Version Released

Safmq is a bug fix version that fixes version 0.8 and These versions suffer a memory leak equivalent to the size of every message sent to or retrieved from the server. It is greatly encouraged to upgrade to this version to avoid this memory leak.

Posted by Matthew Battey 2009-08-18