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Welcome to Safe Lua / Lua OS!

Stefan Reich's Safe Lua is a variant of Lua that allows creating advanced sandboxes - and the basis for a new operating system that we will, tentatively, call Lua OS.

You might not know that you want this yet - but we think you will when you get a feeling for the highly interesting applications of the sandboxes concept.

Stefan's Safe Lua Blog (this is a bit older, there is also a newer blog over at luaos.net)

Aug 25. We're now at 0.6, and it's generating quite a fuzz over at the lua-l mailing list. They complain about Java being part of the system. But hey, we need a GUI. And it's just what works best. Swing, tested and tried.

Don't complain. Be happy that a working Lua OS is taking shape!!

You can now write actual GUI apps in Lua OS. In actual Lua. Try to beat that before you complain about anything. Really.

Aug 16. Lua OS 0.4 is there!! Also, the Sexual Revolution is about to start. Man. What a time this is!

Aug 12. A lot of stuff is happening. I'm now doing computer research in parallel with advancing the revolution. I think we are going to see a lot of action in the latter department soon. London is already burning. Major breakthroughs in Germany - which definitely includes Hamburg - cannot be far off.

I might just give people's grievances a voice. Many people have the same problems. The rent is too high. Finding an apartment is much too difficult. Work sucks. There is too little money. The women don't want to fuck. It's always the same stuff. Time to unite and put this nonsense to an end!

Computer-wise, Safe Lua is progressing nicely too. I am working on true multitasking which will be achieved through running multiple cages at once. Each cage has its own thread. Thus we have cooperative multitasking (between sandboxes) and preemptive multitasking (between cages).

I also launched a nice little microsite called LuaOS.net. I hope it will help promote the project.

Aug 7. Check this out!! Safe Lua 0.3 is already an operating system!!! :)

Lua Task Manager

Aug 5. Boy I'm WIRED. Didn't even sleep for a minute. Fancy hacking allnighter. I feel totally awake. This is a good phase. It's really a good project too. I think there is some gold in there - if you wanna use that word.

Safe Lua 0.2 is here and it can do so many new things. It has multiple sandboxes which are put next to each other in a larger structure called a cage. Think VMs in VMs. It's a mighty structure alright. Also there is now cooperative multitasking (coroutines), intercomm, per-sandbox privilege granting and some basic GUI action. (GUIs are always fun - just not for the programmer.) Here's a guide to the examples.

Enjoy!! :)

still Aug 4. [wxLua] is weird. Can't get stuff to work and no proper docs. I think I'll be trying VCLua next. That looks nice and simple and it works on both Windows and Linux.

Aug 4, 2011. A lot of stuff going on. Personally, I am currently hopping between cities. I am chased by violent madmen in city 1, the name of which I am not even going to write down (that sort of thing is a common occurrence here which is why I want to leave this place ASAP).

And so I am establishing a new presence in city 2 which is: Hamburg, Germany. Also a quite crazy place, but friendlier - and it has a revolution. Yes that's right, the German city of Hamburg has a revolution. A young one - but very real I assure you.

These days, I have next to no money. But I learned to live with that, as far as that's actually possible (of course it totally sucks - but not as much as working for money). And I have a notebook and some kind of Internet connection is always around, and so I can do good and exciting things in that beautiful collective mind space we have created.

Safe Lua News: I am currently working on adding GUI support to Safe Lua. I am using wxLua as a toolkit, and figuring out how to integrate the GUI event loop with Safe Lua sandboxes is quite interesting. Also, the system will, for the first time, feature two sandboxes running side by side (one for the Safe-Lua-to-GUI bridge and one for the actual application).

Sandboxes, in the next version, will be both tighter (we now guard against endless loops and trying to load bytecode instead of source code) - and we rip open new holes because the new intercomm facilities for communication between sandboxes will probably not be watertight yet.

But, Safe Lua is in its academic phase where users know that they deal with an unfinished system, so that's not a problem. The point right now is just to see that some things actually work. When I can run a Safe Lua script and it opens a window with, say, a little button in it that actually does something - then I'll know that something good has been achieved.

So long folks! I think I'll pack my bags now and hop over to the glorious city of Hamburg.


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    Anonymous - 2012-04-21

    seems you need the Shoes GUI

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    Anonymous - 2012-06-26

    Java was an idiotic choice, personally I'd rather have no GUI. Lua already depends on C, would not a C based toolkit be the instinctive choice??? Or the truth, like most projects... C is just too difficult. No pain, no gain.

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    Anonymous - 2012-06-30

    No it was not an idiotic choice. It was the right choice because I made it. Be positive next time. It really works better. Really does. The right toolkit is the right toolkit. Also you contradict yourself within too sentences alone. Man, can I finally get some more useful comments?

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    Anonymous - 2012-09-15

    Taking a reality check is clearly what this guy should do. Looks like I found the second Kryptochef, but this time in the Lua rather than crypto domain.

    • Stefan Reich

      Stefan Reich - 2012-10-02

      Rrrrright. :) Yeah, you found someone, Mr... uhm, Anonymous. But it seems you are quite extremely misjudging the quality of my innovations. You might want to check your own reality quickly. In this reality, a new wave of innovation is about to come over us - when the suppression of innovation stops. Look forward to that! Oh, and please check your reality, as I said before.

      Greetings from the Age of Aquarius where the really smart people are finally listened to :)



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