Firefox Compatibility

  • SebastianHaff

    SebastianHaff - 2014-01-30

    I am trying the sample2_sf_explicit_boot.html test and it seems to work in Chrome, IE and Safari, but in Firefox (26), only the literal HTML example seems to result in Safeframe creation.

    Are there any known issues with Firefox?

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2014-01-30

    There appears to be a bug in the framework that shows up with latest Firefox. Thanks for the report. I'm opening a ticket on this now.

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2014-01-30

    There is now a fix checked in to branch v1.0.4. There are a few more bug fixes in the pipeline before that is officially released, but you can locally patch for the time being.

    boot.js line 376

    Modify this line:

    To be:
    script_tag_par.insertBefore(pos_dest_el, null);

  • SebastianHaff

    SebastianHaff - 2014-01-30

    Chris, your suggested patch worked. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

    As an aside, I noticed that section 2.4 of the spec contains the following:

    A single, absolutely positioned DIV element, as a direct descendant of the BODY element, initially positioned at top 0, left 0. This element is used in the cases where the external party content wishes to expand in a given direction so that proper alignment can be maintained.

    However, I cannot see where in the reference 'r.html' this is applied. Is it relevant/important?

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2014-01-30

    That would not exist within r.html, which lives in the sandboxed jail domain. That div would be created on the publisher page by the framework. You really don't have to worry about those implementation details as a consumer of the framework.

    You can look at "exampleExpandingAd.html" in the tests directory of the source tree if you're curious about expansion.

  • Sean Snider

    Sean Snider - 2014-02-25

    Chris you have this wrong. . .

    inside the the r.html file is 1 div with an ID called "sf_align", which is the div he's referring to. .
    (line 23)

    it's only somewhat relevant. what it means is when your ad does it's document.write or whatever, it will end up being a child of that div. From there, when you call to expand, we attempt to "hold the alignment" by poisitioning that div.

    generally this is fine. . although sometimes ad html is expected to be a direct child of the body or some other div outside of the "sf_align" div. That is ok as well, but keep in mind that you'd end up doing the alignment on your own at that point. This is why we call it out in the documentation.


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