Pitfalls for Older Browsers

George M
  • George M

    George M - 2014-04-08

    As I understand, cross domain communication for older browsers hasn't been implemented, but what other pitfalls exist for older browsers? Will the ads at least get loaded inside the iframe, or should we use conditionals. We are having a hard time trying to get safeframes to work in almost every single IE browser. IE10-11 work randomly, and anything below that doesn't work at all.

  • Sean Snider

    Sean Snider - 2014-04-09

    There shouldn't be any other pitfalls. The reference implementation works for IE8 and above, and it's only for IE7 and less that we have not published any code for x-domain communication.

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2014-04-09

    What kind of errors are you seeing? As Sean indicated, this was tested against several of the IE versions you indicate are causing trouble. It's possible there was a regression, and if so I appreciate any help in tracking this down.

    One thing you should do during development is attached a post message listener in the host page to get any errors generated in the ads. Without this all exceptions inside the SafeFrame are swallowed, never to be heard from again. Below is the sample code:

    // Message listener function
    function posMessageCallback(id, msgName, data){
      if(msgName == "error"){
    // Modify config to pass in this function to the "onPosMsg" event listener
    (function() {
        var conf
            = new $sf.host.Config({
    onPosMsg: posMessageCallback,
     positions: {}
  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2014-04-15

    I've just completed a test pass using both compatibility mode in IE 10 for various version, and testing IE 8 (Win XP), IE 9 (Vista), and IE 10 (Win 7). In full install or VM scenarios, these browsers are working as expected across our examples and test suite. If you could post your sample code or point to a publicly visible version I'm happy to review the code and help you debug what's going on.

    (edit) To be clear, IE compatibility mode is NOT a supported test configuration. It does not give valid results for rendering or Javascript behavior, so we explicitly do not recognize bugs logged using IE compatibility mode. You can go to modern.ie to download full VMs for testing older IE browsers.


    Last edit: Chris Cole 2014-04-15

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