Cross-domain messaging fallback for older browsers

  • Viktor

    Viktor - 2013-10-24

    Is the cross-domain messaging fallback for older browsers (those that do not support HTML5 style messaging) implemented in the reference implementation? Some of the code implies support, but it seems some parts are missing (I only get undefined for dom.msghost_fb).

    If the fallback should work out-of-the-box, should the HTML file specified as msgFile in the configuration include some special code/scripts? Or is an empty HTML file enough?

    If the fallback is not yet implemented, do you plan to add it at some point?

  • Chris Cole

    Chris Cole - 2013-10-24

    The fallback for older browsers is not yet implemented in the reference implementation. It adds a non-trivial footprint to the code, so we've been holding back to gauge community reaction.

    How far back are you looking to support? It would be useful for us to understand what sort of browser testing matrix should be supported.

  • Viktor

    Viktor - 2013-10-25

    Thanks for your answer. We haven't yet decided on a final set of browsers - we might even manage without the fallback mechanism. Had it been implemented, however, we would surely throw it in to ensure maximum compatibility.

    Looking at and the red and missing browser versions, the old browsers we'd perhaps like to support are IE7 and some older IE Mobile. According to some sources, IE9 Mobile does support postMessage. If this is true and SafeFrame works in IE9 Mobile, we're probably fine without fallback for older IE Mobiles.


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