As of v1 your implementation is the most valid workaround. Dynamically sized ads is a hot topic for of the spec. I'd encourage you to keep posting any recommendations or learnings so we can incorporate this feedback into the spec process.

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Hi all,

Last post for today as I've been working on this implementation and want to get something ready for testing.

In this case, I have a solution I use and want to make sure it is valid.

Like others have mentioned there is often the case of dynamic size ads so if I have a 300x250 safe iframe, I may get a 300x600 ad that isn't planning on expanding and thus doesn't have any code to make the iframe bigger.

My code can detect the size of the ad returned so I just do this and then initiatie my own expand command from the ad back to the page and this seems to work.

Is this implementation valid?

Ed Brandmark
Princ S/W Eng

multi size ads

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