Safari_cleaner_d applescript error message.

  • Lee44

    Lee44 - 2012-04-23

    Dear Rowie.

    I have uninstalled the cleaner and going to reinstall. Based on the original script you wrote on Mac Scripter I may have put in a keystroke for Private browsing which has been removed, could have been a mistake in my interpretation of what I need to do back when this was a script. I will now reinstall Safari Cleaner and I use all options enabled. I will report back as I think that could have been the culprit. Looking at the error when selection the Private browsing option and having the keystroke added via keyboard preferences Private Browsing with the assigned keystroke was in the Sarai menu but I removed it and if I recall that is when the error started to randomly appear.



    • Lee44

      Lee44 - 2012-04-27

      Dear Rowie,

      It has been about three days now and I infrequently get the same applescript error I had originally posted about. Uninstalling using the uninstall script, a fresh reboot and a reinstall of 2.2.2 did not resolve the Applescript modal window from randomly showing up. All option are set active and saved. I have tried closing Safari Cleaner app and reopening along with closing down Safari and closing down Safari Cleaner with a reboot and reopening Safari Cleaner saving exiting and then re-opening said app then Safari and it still will randomly repeat. I can not seem to find an AppleScript log or Safari Cleaner log to look at via Console.

      Universale Access is ON.


      • rowie

        rowie - 2012-04-27

        Hi Leon,

        The problem you describe seems related to the menu in Safari that contains Private Browsing. If you added an application shortcut in the Keyboard system preferences, which it sounds like you did when you were using the script, that will change the position of that menu item and affect the safari_cleaner_d applescript. Please remove any entries in the Keyboard Shortcuts related to the Safari menu, and that should solve your problem.



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  • Lee44

    Lee44 - 2012-06-15

    Dear Rowie,

    Since my last post, I do still infrequently get the modal window in the png above but it is much less common than it was before and i have followed all of the instruction you have given. I seem to think that perhaps, for daily use, that perhaps catching the activity on the Safari.plist file which triggers the application, if I recall correctly, might be moving faster than the safari.plist and causing the error. I do have applications that start up after a reboot and half the time causes the script to show the model window and if I close down Safari and reopen, it seems to solve the problem. It can at random times be triggered by opening safari after a reboot just as a single application.

    Just some thoughts and my personal experiences though it does not seem that others are having an issue or are just not reporting any experiences.

    Thanks for all your handwork and now I am down two applications that combined do what Safari Cleaner does as one application.


    Leon Sargent



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